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food truck

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The La Casa Pizzaria Food Truck opened in 2014 as a way to better serve our customers. We wanted a way to reach out to our customers that having been coming to us for years, and to expose a new generation to our legendary recipes.

The La Casa Pizzaria Food Truck offers the same famous pizza you know and love by-the-slice as well as Italian sandwiches, appetizers and specialty items only available from the truck! See the food truck menu here. 

Our Food Truck Manager/Chef always has an innovative, unique and delicious special to try! We are available for corporate lunches, private parties, wedding receptions, and more! Visit our “Contact Us”* page to fill out our inquiry form to get more information.

See you on the road!

These details are to help you decide whether or not the truck is a good fit for your event needs. You are always welcome to fill out our inquiry form and we can help guide you to the right services for your needs.

Truck dimensions and spatial requirements:The food truck is 10′ wide, 30′ long, 11’2″ tall and needs a flat, level, preferably paved surface to park on as well as a clear path to reach it and turn around if necessary. Please consider low power lines and trees when locating the right place to have us park.

For the safety of our employees and the equipment they use, it is crucial that the surface be flat and level. Also, food trucks are not currently allowed to sell food from the street so this space will need to be on private property and we will need written consent from the property owner in order to conduct service.

How to Book the Food Truck:

We categorize our events as Public or Private. Events are considered Public if they are accessible to the general public. Events are considered private if they are not accessible to the general public. We require a minimum deposit for private events.

This deposit is to guarantee a minimum amount of sales. If you are hosting a private event and purchasing the food for your guests, this deposit will cover all food sold up to the deposit amount and the rest will be billed. If the deposit amount is not reached, the deposit will be retained in full.

We understand that this can be confusing, so in both cases we recommend filling out our inquiry form which can be found here or click the button below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.