New Pizza and Shipping Prices

First, we’re lowering the price of our pizzas. In the past, we included the cost of ground shipping in the price, but now we’re taking that out.

When you put in your shipping zip code, we’ll show you the available shipping options. When you choose one, we’ll calculate the shipping cost and add that to your total.

If you live somewhere that takes 4 days or more by ground shipping, you’ll only see the option of 3-Day Select shipping. That’s to make sure the pizzas arrive safely frozen in our improved dry-ice coolers.

NON-Holiday Shipping Schedule

–––Pizzas are Medium size (10” x 13”), 3/4-baked and shipped frozen with baking instructions.

We offer four flavor options (choose your flavors on the next page, after selecting the number of pizzas):

  • Hamburger (with your choice of cheese)
  • Pepperoni (with your choice of cheese)
  • Margherita (roma tomato, basil, oregano, olive oil, mozzarella and romano cheese)
  • Quattro Formaggio (four cheese with romano, asiago, mozzarella, white cheddar)

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